We are currently having open positions at different levels. All applicants are welcome to apply!

Those with biochemistry or cell culture backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Welcome to the Li Lab! Our lab is always open to people with a genuine interest in our research. We are passionate about training people at all levels of education, from high school students to postdoc fellows, encouraging creative and innovative thinking to pioneer new methodologies and research directions. Our hope is that you can find your true passion for research during your journey here. For more details, please see the mission statement and Q&A section.

Postdoctoral associates and fellows

If you are interested, please email me ( your cover letter, CV, and the names, emails and phone numbers of three references. Other than your past research achievements and future plans, I would also encourage you to address the following four questions in your cover letter: 1) What do you expect to achieve during your postdoc training? 2) What are your professional strengths? 3) What are your professional weaknesses/ what are you not interested in doing professionally? 4) How would your PhD advisor rate your performance on a scale from 1 to 10?

We do not require you to secure your own funding, but encourage you to try.

Graduate students/ rotation students

Our lab always has room for highly motivated rotation students. Our current projects can be approached from many different directions, ranging from chemistry to animal breeding, dry lab to wet lab, and even the use of samples from diverse model organisms, including lamprey and humans. I encourage you to try something you have not done before to discover your talents and passions. I was personally trained as a joint PhD student between two laboratories, one working on DNA replication using yeast as model organisms and other working on meiosis using mice as model organisms. I am open to any direction that excites and motivates you the most. Email me ( to set up a time to meet or just stop by at my office at 3-8553.

Undergraduate students

Our lab has a tradition of taking in outstanding undergraduate students as independent researchers or lab aids. We currently have students majoring in data science, biomedical engineering, microbiology, and cell and developmental biology. It has been reported that the earlier STEM students partake in lab research, the more likely they are to graduate successfully. We therefore try our best to provide opportunities for undergraduate students. For those who are interested in joining, we have a weekly undergrad research meeting to provide additional mentoring to understand the necessary background for their research. Please email me ( your CV and estimated time commitment.

Technicians/Lab Manager

We are looking for reliable individuals that are passionate about science and understand the necessary groundwork required to keep a bustling lab afloat. If you are a fresh graduate with some research experience, we can tailor your duties according to your interests and skills, including leading independent project under my direct supervision or assisting other researchers in the lab. Please email me ( directly with your CV and estimated timeframe for your stay in the lab.

Visiting students/ scholars

We have previously taken visiting students, clinicians, and scholars from Cornell University (Ithaca, USA), Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), Fudan University (Shanghai, China), Tianjin Central Hospital (Tianjin, China), and SRM Institute of Science & Technology (Chennai, India). We welcome international students visiting for at least 6 months. If you need to apply for a US visa, the whole application procedure takes at least 4 months, therefore please plan accordingly. High school students Most of my basic knowledge in biology was acquired when I participated in the high school biology Olympia competition. This experience has contributed greatly to my research path. I highly encourage talented students to think about starting research earlier, as it may help to give you more opportunities in the future. With drive and commitment, you will be proud of what you may accomplish.

The University of Rochester Medical Center ranks 36th nationally in medical research and 23rd in primary care, based on the 2020 US News and World Report. The University of Rochester was ranked one of the top 15 institutions in the nation for scientists to work at, according to The Scientist magazine’s annual survey of “Best Places to Work for Scientists in Academia”. Our Center for RNA Biology is a mecca for RNA researchers, with a long history of nurturing RNA biologists and discoveries. We offer a very collaborative, collegial environment that allows us to recruit the very best RNA researchers. Moreover, the city of Rochester is safe, beautiful, and affordable.